Monday, 5 March 2012


I now have a new blog which aims to document my creative practice and new avenues of exploration. This will be a place to unravel the threads of thinking and highlight inspiration; to investigate and explore materials and processes; to detail the slow, methodical journey of making in preparation for my upcoming MA course.

Visit methodinthemaking to find out more...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chain reaction, HIVE

Chain Reaction is the new artistic venture for HIVE, the collective of artists that I am part of.

Chain Reaction is a process based project exploring the practical, the textural, the ephemeral and the lyrical. Working collaboratively and in response to one another, we will develop evolving pieces of work, which re-discover and re-examine the processes of creativity, and the production of ideas and outputs. Engaging a rotating schedule of collaboration, discussion and response, the project enables us as a group to produce experimental process-based pieces of work which draw upon our interest in the stimulation of ideas and development of artistic enquiry.

For more information and to see the developing work, visit and select the individual artist pages.

Arts Co-ordinator, Kingshurst Arts Space & Solihull Gallery

For over a year I have been working with Solihull Arts Team as an Arts Co-ordinator, primarily helping to run Kingshurst Arts Space. This is a community art project making use of an empty shop at Kingshurst Parade, turning the shop into a space with free activities for all ages and offering local people opportunities to take part in longer term projects, community focused events and initiatives.

I help to devise the changing programme of activities throughout the year, support artists with their sessions and oversee the general day-to-day running of the space. I also have set up and run the Community Gardening session and have helped develop an Early Years session with a local volunteer. It is a very rewarding role and I really feel we are making a difference in the community.

My freelance work for Solihull Council also allows me to plan and deliver gallery education in the only contemporary art space in the borough - Solihull Gallery. My duties have included developing education packs and activity booklets for each exhibition, devising talks and workshops for visiting schools and promoting our services to all the schools within the local area. Working closely with the schools, we hope to develop the gallery education programme so that it becomes a regular income stream and basis for new school based art projects in the future.

Arts Week, Sharmans Cross Junior School

The artists from HIVE were invited to deliver a series of creative workshops for Arts Week at Sharman’s Cross School, Solihull.

The school was celebrating its 75th Anniversary and we worked with Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 creating ideas and exploring processes linked to the schools history and the experiences of school for the pupils. Engaging our art practice techniques and collaborative processes, we facilitated the production of responsive pieces which were showcased in a celebratory exhibition and open evening. I worked with Year 3 looking at the school, its site, how it fits in the wider community and how/where they feel they belong creating work that decorated a favourite place in the school for them, the playground gazebo.

Artist in Residence, Bushbury Nursery School

This residency started in April 2011 and has been a day-a-week fixture for me since. Working with the staff and a new headteacher, I set about to creatively consult on a number of issues and ideas about how the nursery could develop in the future. So far, we have looked at changing the spaces of the nursery both indoors and out, focusing on creative projects with the children working with visits as provocations, light and shadow and then clay, and experimenting with ways to document the children's learning. This has been a challenging and eye-opening experience and has allowed me to question my own practice in new and exciting ways.